User’s guide


The SoMExNet app’s back office is supported by two online platforms : Moodle and WordPress. The whole process is explained to SoMExNet network members with comprehensive users’ guides.

1 – The Moodle platform enables mobility managers to create a mobility action and enroll users (mobility beneficiaries such as trainers and trainees) in their specific mobility action. Through Moodle trainers can also add and edit the content associated to a specific mobility, which is only accessible to the participants to the mobility. The handling of this Moodle platform is explained in a comprehensive user guide available in 6 languages:

SOMEXNET – Moodle guide – ENGLISH

SOMEXNET – Moodle guide – FRENCH

SOMEXNET – Moodle guide – GERMAN

SOMEXNET – Moodle guide – ITALIAN


SOMEXNET – Moodle guide – SPANISH

2 – The CMS WordPress platform enables mobility managers and editors to create and edit the general content presented on the app, in particular the description of cities where the mobility actions are taking place. The handling of this Moodle platform is explained in a comprehensive user guide available in 6 languages:

SOMEXNET – WordPress guide – ENGLISH

SOMEXNET – WordPress guide – FRENCH

SOMEXNET – WordPress guide – GERMAN

SOMEXNET – WordPress guide – ITALIAN


SOMEXNET – WordPress guide – SPANISH