This android application improves the quality of preparation, operation and post-processing of exchanges of trainees and staff. It makes the process easier/safer for those who will take part in these placements but also for staff preparing these experiences abroad.

The first version of the application was created on basis of the IO1. All core partners created its content during meeting 3 (september 2015) and after, BZB collected translations of the content to start developing the different versions of the app with a subcontractor. In january 2016, the app was presented at the 4th meeting and then used on the first testing phase (three weeks mobility placements). After this testing phase, core partners analyzed the experimentation (during meeting 5) and the app was updated. There was a second testing phase in order to improve the second version of the app. Each core partner tested the updated product in real situation and organized a three weeks mobility placement. The goal is reached at the end of the project: the partnership produced a ready-to-use and high quality application.