After a research phase during a “classical mobility process”, we will  analyze problems, needs, feelings of people going abroad – before, while, after. On the basis of this comparative analysis, a first draft of the “European mobile device in building sectors’ exchanges” will be developed, then tested on a real and complete mobility process. On that basis and as an end, our final product will be a comprehensive “Android Application”, which the young people will have on their smartphones or tablets to help them during the whole mobility process. The SoMEx product will be created for use in construction sectors but could, with some adjustment, be used on every mobility project in different branches and sectors. SoMEx will be a pilot example.

October 2015 > February 2016 : Version 1 development

March 2016 > August 2016 : Version 1 tests

October 2016 > January 2017 : Improvements and version 2 development

February 2017 > June 2017 : Version 2 tests

June 2017 > August 2017 : Last improvements > final version