The main objective of the SOMEX project is to create an android application based on an extensive tool-kit for preparation, operation and post processing trainees and staff exchanges related to up-to-date media, i.e. social media in use.

Workers and especially younger ones have to be more mobile than before in order to find new job opportunities.

Young people have to be well prepared before going abroad for a mobility process and good preparation is the key point for integration.  Obviously, mobility experience will be even more successful and students will be even more easily convinced of its impact and benefits, if a mobility project is well prepared and managed.

To that point, it is important to guide them by using new information and communication technologies as well as social medias in all phases of VET.  Digital and social media as well as mobile devices are omnipresent in daily life of participants who are in initial and further vocational education and training.


SoMEx aims at adjusting the mobility processes in construction sector´s VET to future leading ways of including the current and prospective mobile devices.

The SoMEx project addresses the digital natives, who are the overwhelming majority in training/apprenticeship currently and in the future as well.

The project also addresses trainers and stuff.


The project will develop an extensive tool-kit for preparation, operation and post processing of exchanges of trainees and staff related to up-to-date media, i.e. social media in use.

Methods in the process are linked to social media very selectively, but do not use them in a wide specter or channel the informal use into formal use benefits. The number of features to integrate at this point is high. The individuals expect to make use of the same media feature like they do within their private life. In doing so, the acceptance (and the image of the construction sector) will be likely to increase significantly.


Trainees and staff might be involved in all stages of the processes, since user generated input in real time is of great advantage to lower the barriers of acceptance and the higher willingness of being part in exchanges.

So the era of coming to classroom and the rule “turn of your devices” have to be rethought.