Information guide containing useful ICT tools and social media uses – VET LEARNERS, TRAINERS AND STAFF IN CONSTRUCTION SECTOR


This guide is the result of the project’s first stage, consisting in a compilation of the information on the available ICT and social media tools each country already uses. This guide also contains the most relevant conclusions taken from the survey about the transnational uses in terms of ICT and social media in construction sector – staff, trainers and trainees.

Each partner analyzed the results of the survey on social media and ICT uses  and present the report to other core partners in order to prepare transitional conclusion that is the starting point to the android application content and structure. This is followed by a national screening of what already exists to help trainees, staff and trainers when they are taking part in a mobility experience. Each partner prepared a description and presentation of training tools concerning a mobility process (i.e languages preparation, online languages translator) and the consortium starts from existing materials to create the end product content.